Thursday, September 22, 2005

Disappointed and Relieved

I don't have a lot to write about regarding this trip to Orlando. So far the only barely interesting things have been I packed two left shoes and ripped the crotch out of my pants.

I packed another pair of shoes, so I'm okay in that department (mismatched, but okay). And ripping the crotch out of my pants usually wouldn't be a big deal but I'm standing in front of people holding a microphone each day. This means the potential for people to notice my crotch might be higher than normal.

Fortunately my blowout occurred at the end of the day yesterday so the only people who noticed were my co-workers and I didn't mind if they knew my dangly bits were dangerously close to being exposed.

The best part of my day is when I get to call Debbie.

More later. . .

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