Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

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Everyone had a great time up north with Grandma & Grandpa Leege. You can check out some of the photos on the Flickr Photostream if you're interested.

Deb's idea to hit the Bay Beach Amusement Park was inspired. It took two ¢25 tickets for attractions like The Scrambler or The Tilt-a-Wirl. Allie giggled the entire time we were on The Scrambler and screamed non-stop while we were on the Tilt-a-Wirl. Auntie Cat bought T-shirts and Grandpa treated everyone to lunch.

This amusement park has changed a little since the days when people would rent bathing suits for a dime. You can't really swim in the bay anymore and if people could I'm pretty sure they'd bring their own suits. But there aren't too many places left that our family can have loads of fun and leave without my wallet being at least $30 lighter than before we walked through the gate.

I drove Cat and Mike's new Corvette. I went for a ten mile bike ride along Lake Michigan with Glenn. I got an early birthday song and cake combo. We made a half-assed attempt at building a sand castle. We ate baked beans.

Yeah, I had a good time. But so did the girls. It was a nice last fling before Allie starts school.

I know. It's not like we're shipping her off to boarding school and I'm sure once she starts it'll be no big deal.

Yeah, right.

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