Sunday, May 30, 2004

VFW Post 2148 Places Bounty on Tom Selleck's Head

This is a picture of our nation's thirty-fourth President, Dwight D. Eisenhower:

This is a picture of Tom Selleck:

When I found out Tom Selleck was playing Ike on TV I giggled. It's not that I don't think Tom Selleck is a decent actor, I just can't make the leap. The movie promo voiceover guy in my head said, "Kim Bassinger is Golda Meir!"

I was listening to a radio ad for the show and it featured Tom Selleck (as Ike) making a speech about sacrificing young lives for freedom. Heavy stuff. Although it sounded a lot like the scene in Three Men and a Little Lady when Selleck confesses his love for the Little Lady's mother. That aside, I did find out that Tom shaved most of the hair off his head for this role. These days something like that, or a prosthetic nose, is enough to win you an Oscar (or at least an Emmy).

I really liked Tom Selleck in a movie called Mr. Baseball. In that film he dug down deep to play a pampered major league ball player forced to finish out his career in Japan. Selleck's performance was incredible. If he can channel that same intensity into his portrayal of the man who led our troops in Europe to victory during World War II then we're in for something special.

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