Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Local Man Found Doodling at Desk

The other day I was sitting at my desk, at work, drawing faces on a Post-It note pad. Here's what they looked like:

As I was drawing an analyst walked into my cube. He startled me and I flipped over the Post-It note pad quickly. The pad made a loud slapping noise as it hit my desktop. Then I twisted my head around and widened my eyes at him in an effort to distract the guy from what was under my hand.

He did stare straight into my eyes for a moment (probably to see if my pupils were dialated). Then he looked at the pad under my hand. Next he asked his question. I answered it and then he left.

I flipped the pad over and examined my work. I wondered if anyone has been fired for occasionally doodling? I'm sure if I spent hours a day on the task there might be an issue. However I'm thinking my billing hours for doodling would add up to four sessions (ten minute per session, at the most) each year.

That's, possibly, forty minutes of doodling annually.

Uh-oh. That sounds bad when I put it like that.

What's more it's usually on a company Post-It note pad. And my company uses brand-name Post-It note pads which means they're expensive!


I'm getting the boot. I just know it.

It'll be tough to find another job in this market. Particularly if prospective employers ask me why I got canned from my previous position.

I'll tell them straight out, "I've got a doodling problem. I've worked it out and those days are, thankfully, behind me. I'm clean now. I'm ready for a fresh start. . . If you're willing to take the chance."

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