Sunday, October 15, 2006


Deb and I went away for the weekend.

There are some pictures in the photostream if you're curious.

Deb found the perfect little cottage up north. We didn't know it was perfect until we got there. But there it was, all perfect and everything. . .

Do this for me - just for a second:

Take your hands and clench them into fists as hard as you can and then count to ten.

When you got to ten and you let go that's how I felt after our first ten minutes in the cottage. I felt unclenched for the first time in a long time.

I have Deb to thank for a wonderful (unclenched) anniversary weekend. I have Judy and Glenn to thank for taking care of the girls while Deb and I wandered around the peninsula for a couple of days. The girls have Auntie Cat to thank for spoiling them (and if Auntie Pam was able to get off work I'm sure she would have done some damage as well).

And one last thing. For the record, Debbie does not cheat at Monopoly. I made a bad deal and knew I was going to lose the moment I made it. The only thing that kept me from throttling my bride was to repeatedly accuse her of being a cheat.

Turns out I wasn't unclenched for the entire weekend.

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