Thursday, October 05, 2006

Teen angst hotline - Andy speaking. How may I help?

I spent a good part of this evening looking for a photo I took of Mr. T moments after he sprinkled me with his sweat. Mr. T is missing, but I did find this letter from Andy Partridge.

I'm pretty sure that right after Colin Moulding signed this letter he and Andy looked at one another and said, "Saved another teen's life."

Who knows. Maybe they did. Although I don't ever remember being that bad. However the, life of mediocrity line makes me wonder.

Regardless, here I am, firmly entrenched in my life of mediocrity and I'm grinning.

So if you have any slightly morose teens in need of some perspective I know of a pop star who may be willing to help. Just let me know. He and I are obviously pretty close.

P.S. Happy Birthday Michelle!

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