Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Last night I served Allie port chucks (or to the uninitiated: pork chops). Allie didn't want to eat her dinner. This isn't uncommon. Allie's a lot like her mother and doesn't like to stray from her list of safe foods. It's a short list that includes peanut butter, macaroni, hot dogs, cheese, crackers, spaghetti, bacon, waffles, McNuggets, fries, pizza, Trix cereal, fish sticks and Stove Top stuffing.

If you are what you eat, then my daughter is composed of the sludge found beneath the USDA's nutritional pyramid.

I try to get Allie to eat better. I'm obsessed with the concept of always providing a green vegetable on our dinner plates. A typical meal for us (last night for example) is meat (shake & bake pork chops), potato (instant, mashed) and vegetable (green beans). It's not haute cuisine but, nutritionally, it seems to be leaps and bounds from McNuggets and fries. Plus I'm able to get everything on the table in under 30 minutes.

Why are you reading this?

You know how it's going to end. I'm going to tell you about my struggle to get Allie to eat her port chucks and she'll either do something cute or gross (in this case she chewed on a piece of meat for ten minutes and then spit the sinewy pulp out on the table). Then I'll try to tie everything together by letting you know that I'm doing my level best to properly feed my family side-stepping the possibility my daughter might turn into a chewed-pork spewing, diabetic, rotted tooth, arterially compromised young adult.


I can't get my fingers to type another word about port chucks. I'm thinking I should be upstairs re-caulking around the base of the toilets.

Sharon sent an email today. It included this picture.

Now, I always love hearing from my friend, Sharon. But when I opened this attachment I thought it had something to do with the '72 Munich Olympics.

Sharon, here's a recent picture of the kids from my wallet:

Okay. I know. You want real pictures of the kids. Head on over to the M&J Gallery and use your password. There you'll find a few things I just scanned. Don't have a password? Drop me an email and I'll get you one.

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