Friday, July 17, 2015

Landing in Louisville

As soon as we hit Indiana the rain began. We always plan vacations around monsoon season because we enjoy the thrill of almost dying on the highway because of zero visibility.

David Letterman is the only good thing that came out of Indiana. Is that too harsh? Maybe, but the welcome center didn't have enough pamphlets about sites and activities to fill the literature racks. They fanned out the few that they did have to make the space look full. Those brochures were mostly about underground zip lines and underground bike tours. What makes both activities more exciting because they're underground escapes me. 

Do I sound cranky? I am. I spent hours driving in the dark and impenetrable rain. It was nerve racking.

The girls have been great. So far cheesecake is at the top of the list of what is good. They also enjoy the southern accents. Julia giggled at her first, "y'all" when we checked into the hotel. She'll adopt the second person plural before the end of this trip. I'm sure. 

Now I'm thumb typing this in the dark because the storms we escaped in Indiana have found us and the power is out. 

Power is back on. Oops, now it's off again. No. It's back. . . 

Screw it. Goodnight, y'all.

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