Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dan and Kerry are Constantly Trying to Kill Each Other

The Beloit Snappers are a Class A minor league baseball club. Snappy is the Beloit Snappers mascot. Snappy is a big turtle who runs around the ball park and signs a surprising number of autographs.

Turns out, Julia is terrified of Snappy. This isn't a surprise. Julia is terrified of anything in a costume. Her reaction is always the same; she screams as if she's just been branded and clings to the biggest thing available (her mother, me, a park bench).

The stands at yesterday's ball game weren't very full which meant Snappy was on the hunt for anything under four feet tall. He came by our section three or four times. I had to move Julia away twice before she clawed her way into my chest in order to hide from Snappy inside the cavity she was trying to make.

Here's the thing: Julia's dream is to go to Disney World. Disney World - this planet's epicenter of all costumed creatures. Deb and I are talking about starting the planning process for a trip to Disney. I'm guessing we'll have to include a search for a small, pink hood that will easily fit over Julia's screaming head the moment Goofy makes a move in her direction.


This morning Julia yelled to me, "Daddy! Dan and Kerry are on TV! Look, Daddy! Dan and Kerry are on TV!"

I don't know why, but I thought she was watching a news report and there was another Tube bombing in London and Dan and Kerry just happened to be in town that day and they were being interviewed on CNN about what happened.

It's amazing the crap that can flash into your head in less than five seconds.

I walked over to Julia to see what was on the TV.

It wasn't Dan and Kerry. It was Tom and Jerry.

I wonder if this is related to the fact that Julia told us yesterday that when you die, you go to Evan.

Speaking of the Hughes. . . Look what Dan taught me how to do:


Dan said...

That's a cool photo, bravo!

If I'm Tom, and Kerry's Jerry, then my mother in law is either Spike the bulldog or the big woman in stripy tights.

The similarities are spookily accurate.

Jeannette (aka Dan's mother in law) said...

Dan how did you know I had stripy tights but they go so well with the red slippers supplied by Greg & Deb (thanks again they are being well worn)