Thursday, February 08, 2007


Allie and Julia are in the tub. Greg is scrubbing the usual amount of dirt off both.

Greg: You have crust. Do you need to blow your nose?
Julia: No.
Greg: You need to blow your nose. [Grabs a tissue]
Greg: Blow.
Greg: Harder.
Greg: Harder!
Greg: What the hell is that!?
Allie: Lemme see!
Julia: Lemme see!
Greg: What is that? [Shows Julia the tissue]
Julia: It's chicken.
Greg: Chicken from where?
Julia: From when Auntie Cat was here.

Auntie Cat was here five days ago. And we had turkey.


Kerry said...

That's brilliant. Amy want's to know why I'm laughing but I'm not giving her any ideas.

How did it get there, or didn't you ask :)

Greg said...

Julia maintained that it was from a lunch we ate five days ago (the mechanics of how it got up there weren't divulged). I've stopped asking because I don't want to confirm that the piece of meat was lodged inside her sinus cavity for that long.

Dan said...

I suddenly feel very, very queazy.

bon bon said...

i think is qualities as over-sharing.

Deb said...

My mom figured out when it probably happened. More than halfway through dinner, Allie dropped an almost-full gravy boat and it splashed on Julia. She screamed, we all panicked, and she started bawling.

The gravy was warm (and therefore shocking) but she didn't get burned and she even finished eating (on a new plate). I'm sure my mom is right and that's when it happened.

Still gross beyond belief, however.