Tuesday, July 25, 2006

6:30 p.m. = 12:30 a.m.

After more than an hour of trying to get AIM to work Dan and I gave up. Although, at the end of our session we did get to hear one another. No video; but there were transatlantic communications going on in my basement.

As for the rest of you with Web cams, you can kiss my ass.

The only person who showed up for the 7:00 to 7:15 session was my sister, Pam.

That's okay, we instant messaged for about an hour and solved a large portion of the world's problems.

As for future video conferences with Dan we're going to choose a time that won't deprive the poor guy of required sleep. Plus, he swore he's going to buy a Mac just to get this Web cam thing worked out.

Now, considering Dan is going to spend $1,500 for a new computer just so I can use my Web cam, you really need to ask yourself: "What have I done for Greg lately?"

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