Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Bluest Sky You've Ever Seen. . .

. . .In Seattle.

Of course when that song lyric was conjured it was from a memory of a rare, clear day. Yesterday in Seattle it was another one of those rare, clear days when we arrived downtown.

After work, we had time to hit Pike Place Market and hoped to find some fish flying through the air. We didn't notice anyone throwing salmon but the smell was hard to miss. This despite the tons of crushed ice they shoveled everywhere.

I had the best chowder I've ever eaten at a place called Ivar's last night. Holy cow. And the halibut rocked, too.

Leaving for the West coast yesterday was hard. Usually I avoid kissing the kids goodbye so I don't wake them. But I promised Allie I would tell her goodbye. I snuck into her room and gave her a peck on the forehead and whispered, "See you soon."

I went downstairs and as I tied my shoe I heard Allie crying. I found her sitting in her bed sobbing because she didn't want me to go. I gave her a hug and promised her gifts. That was enough to get her to settle back on to her pillow and I got out of there in a hurry.

Same old pang sank into my stomach. I know there's going to be a day when I leave for a trip and she'll barely notice. But for now she seems to miss me almost as much as I miss her.

I'm lucky to sometimes feel so miserable about being apart from my wife and kids. Although I think Deb likes it a little when I leave on business because I'm a nicer guy. I'm careful not to leave with anyone feeling bitter in the least just in case my plane goes down or I don't look both ways before crossing traffic.

Sea shells.

Allie wanted some sea shells because I told her Seattle was near the ocean. I found her two at a shop.

They're from the Philippines.

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