Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bat Day

Initially you might think this idea was not well thought out. You are right. Handing baseball bats over to a six year-old and a two year-old whose harmonious co-existence is tenuous enough to often be destroyed by a single, unshared, seedless grape is a bad idea.

It was Bat Day at a Mallard's game we went to this afternoon. We got the tickets from Larry and Karina. When Karina called, I thought they were just standard seats and that would have been perfectly fine. We love going to these games regardless of where we sit. But these tickets were for seats in a suite area.

Way to go Larry and Karina!

There would be no scrambling for refreshments on this game day. Attendants saw to our every need. It was all the hot dogs, brats, hamburgers and chips we could eat. The moment my beer cup was empty, a young woman was there to bring me another specialty microbrew from The Great Dane. The beer was really good. So good, in fact, that things could have easily gone too far but I stopped at five.

Who won? Who knows. Julia got cranky and we left (score tied) at the bottom of the eighth. This isn't unusual for us. We often leave these games early now that we have kids. However, at most games we usually don't have cute girls who bring you beer without even a nod.

On the way home I was thinking I'd shut Allie and Julia up in a room with nothing but their new bats to play with. But remember, I'd only had five so I changed my mind.


If you haven't already, you should check out Deb's post about the Asian Market. We're not effete; we come from sturdy, Midwestern stock. We've been around farms and been taught that even though it may turn your stomach, that's often what commerce smells like so you'd better just suck it up.

But believe me when I tell you this was something different.

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