Thursday, November 03, 2005

Whole lot a wavin' goin' on.

I didn't know that people on motorcycles all wave at one another. And it's not just any kind of wave, either. It's with the left hand and it's a low wave with not a lot of wiggle.

I apologize if I've violated the code but I thought it was awesome that complete strangers were waving at me just because I was on two wheels like them.

Even the Harley guys wave.

This morning, when I drove to work on the motorcycle, kids at bus stops waved at me. They never wave at me when I'm driving in my car. Put me on a motorcycle and I'm suddenly worthy of a wave.

I got a great deal on this bike (a 2001 with 4,800 miles). So far it runs great. So far it's very forgiving. So far it's fast enough, comfortable enough and it fits in the garage.

So far so good.

Really good.

I do need a bag or cargo net or something. Does anyone have any sub-$40 luggage recommendations for a 2001 Suzuki GS500?

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