Monday, November 07, 2005

Regarding Web Site Updates

I haven't exactly had a fire in my belly when it comes to updating this site.

Cold weather means I should have more time to sit here in the basement and change templates, post photos, edit movies or go on about my latest in a series of bad haircuts and/or poorly crafted meals (last night's chicken pot pie mostly sucked).

So far, I haven't really had the time (or more accurately; I haven't made the time) to do anything more than surf. And that's too bad because there are things happening.

For example: Claudette and Pam are together in Vegas this week. Their mother called last night to report they are having a great time and they planned to see male strippers that evening.

How many male strippers can one fit into a double room at the Monte Carlo?

Perhaps Deb's sisters know the answer by now.

They're spending a lot of time in Vegas. From my experience, time is the one thing you don't want a lot of when visiting Vegas. Money, latex, penicillin, lantern batteries - these are the types of things you want in quantity when vacationing in Vegas. A surplus of time, however, can only lead to trouble. Pam and Claudette have good imaginations and adventurous spirits. Combine that with ample time in Sin City and somehow I don't think buying overpriced merchandise at one of the casino malls is going to cut the mustard for these two.

That said - mug shots are not difficult to get and I will post them here when they become available.

Kandy let me borrow her Theremin. I've been anxious to spend some time with this thing and I plan to show you how it works before I return it to her. I always feel like Mr. Rogers when I bring something like this home. Remember how he used to bring stuff in with him and show it to you once he changed into his sweater and sneakers? It was always something like toy trucks or a puppet. I think I bring home things that are far more interesting and the girls don't have to wait for me to change my clothes before they can see it.

Shannon and Anna are having a baby. Last night Shannon called me as he drove to the grocery store to buy bacon for Anna. Anna is trying to eat continuously in order stave off morning sickness. Last night, she wanted bacon. Shannon described her plans for some kind of peppered cheese and bacon sandwich. I say it beats the heck out of pickles or, God forbid, Pica.

I hope potting soil wasn't on his list.

Dwayne called me via his computer last night (checkout I've really wanted to talk motorcycles with him for the past few days but I hung up on him last night. We were all in the middle of Star Wars Episode III when he called. Too intense for the kids? Maybe. But Allie really got into it. She wants to be a Jedi Knight now.

Do Jedis have pink light sabers?

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