Saturday, December 13, 2008

Building You a Spice Rack

There was a time when this blog was all about the words. I have proof of a time when I couldn't wait to tell you about something or just remind you, in a long-winded way, that I was still around.

Lately it's all about the AV. That's not a bad thing. Pictures and videos aren't bad; but they do seem a little lazy to me. There's no need for me to attempt to provide you with the flavors of a moment. Now there's no heavy lifting involved at all. I just press a button at the right time and suddenly I have something to show you.

I don't need to write to you here anymore.

When did that happen?

I suppose I wouldn't have a problem with losing the urge if your mailbox was visited by a letter or two from me or if the journals I once kept for Deb and the kids were running out of space. But this is not the case. It's like I've sobered up and the voice in my head doesn't sound so good. It's the same melody only I realize I'm a little flat and the lyrics aren't quite as meaning charged as I once believed.

I'm not pouting. I just want to feel like getting back in the workshop and make a nice table or maybe a spice rack for you. I've got some tools and whether you think I use them to make a mean bird house or not it's a shame to let them just gather dust.