Monday, May 01, 2006

Hi Butefuol Ho!

Debbie asked me if I found this drawing Allie did a little disturbing:

At first glance I said yes. After all, I saw a pink bug in the upper left calling someone a ho. I saw a smiling sun saying, "Hibute fuol." I couldn't miss the sinister, bat winged tree declaring, "I'm in love wite hire." And the frowning girl in a wheelchair with an oversized hand moaning, "Weous Mr. Doser" kind of sold me on the word disturbing.

I know we shouldn't have reacted like that. We both knew the sun was saying, "Hi, beautiful." We know Allie intended the tree to say, "I'm in love with her." There's no way I can figure out what the girl at the bottom is actually saying. I'm guessing she's asking, "Where is my doser?" It's probably not doser but I'm sure it's something equally innocuous (Allie's in bed and I'm not waking her up to ask).

So there's really nothing disturbing about this drawing at all.

Except for the bug.

There's no doubt it's got a ho on its mind.

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