Friday, August 05, 2005

Endearing Disfigurement

They're supposed to be safe. Blunt-tip. Safer cutting angle. Shorter blades. Human flesh detecting auto locks.

Uh, oh. . .

Guess they didn't have time to engineer that last one into the design before they unleashed kid friendly scissors on to the market.

It's really not the scissors fault. They did what they're supposed to do. And Jaden, the kid who tried to disassemble Julia, used them the way they were supposed to be used. Sort of.

Truth is, Jaden just wanted to give Julia a haircut. He didn't know Julia's Nana had already trimmed her bangs last weekend or he thought Nana did a crappy job. Regardless, Jaden went to work.

How'd he get hold of his weapon? The kids happened to be working on an art project and there happened to be a pair of kiddy scissors lying on a table and before Karina had a chance to notice, Jaden had already performed his Sweeney Todd impression on Julia's ear.

Deb was out of town so I got the call from Karina. Poor woman. She was very upset. I left work and took Julia to see Dr. Tom. Deb made it back in time to come to Dr. Tom's office where we were told it was just a superficial cut and didn't require any sort of treatment at all (that'll be $110 please, thanks for dropping by).

Julia's is fine, Karina feels better, Deb and I are relieved and I'm guessing Jaden isn't allowed within seven feet of anything with an edge on it.

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